Miss B's Boudoir Session - Mobile, Alabama Boudoir Photographer

I look at my images and can't believe that those are me...

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When I think of boudoir photography in our area- only one name comes to mind. Cheyanne Marie. After working with Cheyanne, it is no surprise to me that she is considered the premier boudoir photographer on the Gulf Coast.

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From start to finish- every aspect was executed with irrefutable professionalism. I look at my images and can't believe that those are me.

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The passion of a woman in her room that Cheyanne captures, the implied rather than explicit- everything about the imagery is built to last a lifetime.

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Is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely. That's the beauty of it. This is a novelty. A luxury. Not everyone will have what you have.

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I have never had too many issues with insecurity or self esteem. I wasn't extremely nervous- more curious. Even someone like me who doesn't have body image issues, as time went on I still found myself becoming more and more brave with each pose.

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That's what Cheyanne does. She pulls that out until you've crossed over whatever comfort zones you did have- and that's where the magic happens. I'm convinced that every woman owes it to herself to experience this. Not for anyone else in this world- for you.

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Miss D's Boudoir Session - Mobile, Alabama Boudoir Photographer

I have always struggled with self-confidence...

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I came across Cheyanne's website from a friend and began to look at her work. I was amazed at all the women of different shapes, sizes, and color that were all so very beautiful in their own way.

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I have always struggled with self confidence. Even at the age of 41 and 3 kids later. I am probably my own worst critic!!
However, Cheyanne's work made me want to get the strength and courage to have that feeling just once in my lifetime.

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I began to message Cheyanne back and forth for a couple of months. I had so many questions that she patiently took time to answer. It did not seem to matter if it may have been something petty or something important. She set set my mind at ease!! I also wondered was it too expensive, was it worth it, how am I going to afford it??? There again Cheyanne had options to make that decision easy as well. Answers for everything!

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To make me feel more comfortable, Cheyanne and her crew came to my home and performed my photo shoot. I was so nervous the morning of my shoot. I did not know what to expect.

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Cheyanne said let's start with your hair and makeup. Lots of chatter and laughter during this time. To have your hair and makeup done can make a girl feel good, and boy let me tell you, I was starting to feel relaxed.

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With the hair and makeup completed it was time to get started. She was there to guide me through every pose and outfit change. Thank goodness, because I had no clue where to even begin with that.
When the shoot was completed, to sit with Cheyanne and view all of the photos that she took was amazing. I was in complete awe!

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I suppose I could justify booking this shoot as an anniversary gift for my husband, but now I can honestly say that it was just as much a gift for me. I finally felt confident and beautiful, for one day and it was amazing!! All women should get to have this feeling for themselves at least once.

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Cheyanne, thank you for coming to my home for my first experience with boudoir. Thank you for this whole experience. This has been a treasure that I will cherish.
My next shoot will be in you studio at some point!

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Miss L's Boudoir Session - Mobile, Alabama Boudoir Photographer


All of my life, my family has preached that the smaller the body, the prettier the girl. I grew up knowing I was beautiful, but always if I lost a little weight. I grew up never feeling like I was enough. I'd never be skinny enough, and if I wasn't skinny enough, I'd never be pretty enough.

I had finally found a place in my life where I felt beautiful. I was a full-figured teen mom of twins. But at 20, I had my third child and it all came back. My body was gone! I'd have an 11lb baby, lose the weight, finally be getting happy with myself and I'd get pregnant again. I have never been the size I am now until I had my 5th unplanned child and I was too tired to jump in the gym and lose all the weight again. I mean, I have already done this 3 times. I was tired.

Now, I'm a bigger full-figured mom of five kids at the age of 26. I'm bigger now than I have ever been. There was like a year and a half I didn't go anywhere. I did most of my shopping online.

About 8 months ago, I joined Cheyanne's group and I wanted to do it but I put it off saying "maybe when I lose my weight" or "where would I get the money for this?" Well, a few months ago, I saw she was doing a promotion and I was like "well, I can go and do it and I don't HAVE to buy any pictures". I thought it'd be fun and get me out of my comfort zone. Ya' know, rock things up a little.

I was so scared the day I went to take them. I thought so many times about backing out, but with the encouragement of my husband and mother, I was there doing it. I went in and got my hair and make up done and was just chatting with everyone. I almost forgot I was there to do the pictures and then it came down to it and it was a breeze. I wasn't self-conscious anymore.

Cheyanne made me feel really comfortable, gave me breaks when needed, and didn't laugh as my whole body shook trying to hold a pose. When I saw them for the 1st time, I was with my husband. I think I was more scared to look at them than I was to take them, but it wasn't what I expected. I almost cried when I saw my pictures. I didn't see what everyone else saw. I didn't see a fat and disgusting naked girl like I thought I would.

I saw beauty. It was like seeing myself for the 1st time ever!

I went there that day, like I said, not thinking I'd buy any pictures, but I ended up buying the Silver Collection plus 5 extra images in my album! It was the 1st time I have had photos taken of myself that I thought were truly beautiful. So, to me, it was so worth it because I went in that day thinking I was NOTHING and left feeling like the most BEAUTIFUL person in the world and that is all thanks to Cheyanne and her team!

They are the most down to earth, easy going, real life people just like everyone else! They went above and beyond for me that day and made me see myself in a whole new light!

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Miss M's Boudoir Session - Mobile, Alabama Boudoir Photographer


I have been wanting to do a boudoir photo shoot for a few years now. I almost booked with a couple of other photographers who were a lot cheaper. Money was a big issue for me.

But I waited and came around Cheyanne's Facebook page. I absolutely loved her work and knew she would be the one taking my pictures. I waited for a boudie call that caught my interest and jumped on it. It was something I wanted to do for my husband for our anniversary but also for myself.

I struggled for many years with my weight due to an inflammatory bowel disease. I have never loved my body. I have never been comfortable in my own skin. I was teased all through middle school for being anorexic and bulimic. It was very hard because at that time I had no idea what was going on, why I was so sick, why I was losing so much weight. I stopped going to school. I went into a bad depression which I still struggle with today. But my husband has slowly made me feel more comfortable with my body. Even after having three kids.

I knew this was something I HAD TO DO.

Leading up to my session I was so nervous and wanted to cancel. I kept telling myself my pictures weren't going to look good. I didn't know how to do those poses, I'm going to look silly. My belly looks gross from just giving birth. You name it and it was going through my head.

A couple of days before my session I started my period and tried to cancel. It was the perfect excuse! But no, Cheyanne said you'll be fine I've had women do their sessions plenty of times on their period. Just use a menstrual cup, which I had one. The day of my session I thought I was going to puke.

But the moment I walked in and sat in the chair to get my hair done all the anxiety, worries, nervousness, it all went away. The girls made me feel at home. Like I was just hanging out with friends. During my photo shoot I didn't even remember I was on my period. It wasn't a problem at all. Cheyanne walked me through each pose and made it so easy. We even laughed and talked during the photo shoot. Weirdly enough I was more comfortable doing the white sheet than I was with all of the other pictures.

I felt so sexy and confident.

When I came back to view my pictures I was in pure awe of them. Is that really me? Wow! I look sexy! I loved EVERY SINGLE IMAGE. It was so hard narrowing them down. I'm so glad I took the leap and decided to do a session.

Paypal credit was the best option for us and very affordable. I have my album in our room on display and every so often turn the page to have new pictures to look at. I recommend every woman, no matter your size, your flaws whether it be stretch marks, cellulite, scars etc. DO THIS JUST ONCE. It may not help you completely with the view you have of yourself but it's a huge stepping stone. I hope to do another session in the future and go completely nude!

Miss B's Boudoir Session - Mobile, AL Boudoir Photographer


I chose to do a session with Cheyanne because I wanted to accept myself the way I was. I read so many testimonials from past clients and I wanted to feel the way they felt: Confident, empowered, beautiful.

I have struggled with self image issues for as long as I can remember. Even as a child, I compared myself to my best friend who was always 2 sizes smaller. As women, it's instilled in us at a young age, to always crave being something we aren't. If you're bigger you want to be smaller, weigh less. And if you're skinny, you want to have curves.

I didn't want to feel inadequate anymore just because my pants size was double digits or the number on the scale wasn't as low as it used to be. It was extremely difficult to finally convince myself to book a session. Being single, I was worried spending that type of money on pictures for myself was silly. I thought being 22 was too young, and I should wait until I was older and married. I also was petrified of the idea of seeing myself so exposed, and potentially feeling even worse about my appearance. Worried that if i tried to look sexy, I would just look uncomfortable and awkward, and have wasted 250 dollars. And of course, who wouldn't be scared to have a stranger take pictures of them naked.

I saw a "short hair boudie call" posted about a year and a half after I had originally wanted to book a session. I figured it's only 100 dollars, and if I hate the pictures, at least I got my hair and make up done. I was so nervous as soon as I booked a date. I chose the furthest out date available so I could mentally prepare. I over think everything, so every day leading up to the session I felt knots in my stomach when I thought about it..I was so scared.

The morning of the session, I was inches away from calling and canceling. I was petrified. But, I knew I would regret it if I didn't just get over my nerves and go. I showed up, and my worries quickly drifted away. Cheyanne made me feel like I was just hanging out at the house with friends. It was a surprisingly relaxing environment, and getting my hair and makeup done like a model made me feel like a million bucks!

I am SO thankful I didn't cancel. I had no idea how much this experience would change my outlook. For the first time in my entire life, I saw a nude photo of myself, and didn't instantly want to look away or critique it. I saw my curves as beautiful, instead of just extra fat. The person I was looking at in the pictures looked strong, empowered, beautiful, sexy.

In that moment, I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world.

When I saw the first picture, I knew I was buying them. I finally felt like I was enough, just the way I am. Instead of thinking "this would be really pretty if I was 20 pounds lighter," I thought "DANG! I look good!" Some of my biggest insecurities(my big thighs and booty) turned into some of my favorite things about me.

Cheyanne has a talent. A gift. She captures the most beautiful photos from regular women, who know nothing about modeling. The photos are elegant, artistic, and sexy. She helps women see how truly stunning they are. She honestly does want ALL women to feel beautiful and sexy. Old, young, big, small, mothers, pregnant, scars, cellulite, stretch marks. EVERY woman deserves to feel beautiful. Cheyanne helped me see that.

I encourage any woman to do this. You will not regret it. Everyone can come up with 10 reasons why they don't want to do it: money, stretch marks, age, weight. But you only need one reason to do it. And that reason is YOU. You deserve to feel like you're enough. Because you are! You can not put a price tag on self acceptance, and confidence.

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Why Boudoir? - Mobile, Alabama Boudoir Photographer

Why Boudoir?

Boudoir photography is a very special and intimate type of photography. It is a day all about YOU! You can do a boudoir session for literally ANY reason. Most people think you need to have a specific reason to do a boudoir session and that just isn't true! I tell every woman that is interested in boudoir photography that the BEST reason to do a session is for yourself. These sessions are for any woman ready to let go of her fears and fully embrace herself and her body as it is! It is time to love yourself again despite any perceived flaws. It is time to STOP any self-hate that may be happening. Boudoir photography is for EVERY woman. You do not have to be a certain size or look a certain way to look and feel sexy and beautiful. You already are!


What to Expect

  • An all female team
  • Cheyanne Marie Boudoir's studio is located in Semmes, Alabama. If you are not familiar with the area, we are part of Mobile County.
  • Hair and makeup is included in every session and is done by my very talented makeup artist, Kasey Coleman!
  • We recommend 2-3 outfits for your session. Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable and sexy. This can be literally ANYTHING. I've had women wear sweaters, t-shirts, tank-tops, lingerie, and even go completely nude! I always recommend trying to step out of your comfort zone, but your outfits are 100% up to you. I am always available to help with outfit choices and can even go shopping with you!
  • If you would like to have a friend with you during the shoot to make you more comfortable, you are allowed to bring ONE female friend but they are NOT allowed in the shooting space and cannot say anything at all while you choose your images. Just because they don't love an image, does not mean you feel the same and we do not want their thoughts to affect which images you choose. We want to purchase images that YOU love.
  • The entire process is about 5 hours long from start to finish. This is because you get to view your images the SAME DAY, so the time includes: hair and makeup, the session, editing, and the Viewing and Ordering! 
  • 3, 6, 9, and 12 month payment plans are available upon request. (The time allowed depends on the total price of your products chosen on the day of your session.)
  • Most clients purchase a Collection. I have three Collections to choose from and they start at $1500.
  • All products purchased include the same image as a web-optimized digital for sharing on social media. (ONLY if a model release form is signed).
  • Model Releases are NOT required. (If a model release is not signed, your images will not be shared online or used for advertising at any point.)
  • Please sign up for the Dream Shoot Planner on any form located on this website to view full pricing information and to view more details about a boudoir photography session with Cheyanne Marie Boudoir

Miss H's Boudoir Session - Mobile, Alabama Boudoir Photographer

I have asked this wonderful past client of mine to answer a few questions about her experience with Cheyanne Marie Boudoir. Read her answers below!

1. How old are you? 24

2. What do you do for a living? I am an apartment manager

3. What made you decide to take a leap of faith and do a boudoir session with Cheyanne Marie Boudoir? Me, myself, and I. But in all honesty, your fb posts were pretty convincing! 

4. Did you have any obstacles or fears about boudoir? Oh yes, extremely nervous. I have had two kids, a lot of damage and a lot of neglect on my part has been done. 

5. Was the session different from what you expected it to be? Yes it was. I was nervous, and y'all made it very easy for me to be in my own skin. 

6. What was your favorite part about the entire experience? In that moment, it kinda feels like nothing else matters, in that moment the outside world is closed off and it's kinda all about you for a minute. May sound selfish but that was my favorite moment. 

7. How did you feel when you saw your photographs? I was overwhelmed, it has been a long time since I seen my body like that. That was all Cheyanne though, because at the end of the day in that moment nothing had changed with my body. My stretch marks didn't disappear, my boobs didn't perk up and weight didn't go down. She's makes you feel great about yourself. She makes your flaws be flawless.

8. Any advice for women interested in their own boudoir session? DO IT NOW. Be brave and be bold. Buy that outfit and take your top off. Just do it, I promise it's worth while. 

9. Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty as a result of the session? A lot did, instead of shaming myself I gave into myself. This is my body and I have done some very extraordinary things with it. I have pierced it, inked it, carried two children for 9 months, birthed two children from it and that session and seeing myself made me feel worth while. 

10. How did you like working with Cheyanne Marie and her team? Cheyanne and them are the bomb seriously. Very personable, they want to get to know you and they let you get to know them. It was a fun time and I'd do it over and over again. 

Why Is a Session with you So Expensive? - Mobile, Alabama Boudoir Photographer

I provide a full-service, high-end experience.

I pride myself on the experience that I give my clients.

From the very beginning, I am always available to help with your outfits and session planning (even willing to go shopping with you personally!)

On your session day, you are pampered with gorgeous hair and makeup styling by my very talented makeup artist, Kasey.

I have an actual studio, so there is no crazy running around and booking hotel rooms. My space is mine only and I have to pay to maintain it in order to give my gorgeous clients this experience.

I pose you from your head to your toes. You don't have to worry about a single thing. I know how to pose ALL body types.

The Studio

The Studio

I provide GORGEOUS, high-quality images.

You don't have to worry about looking like you stepped out of a porno because of terrible posing and angles. My images are the perfect mix of simple and beautiful/raw and sexy. You don't have to worry about horrible over-editing of your images. You are never going to look plastic or overly yellow, etc. 

I offer the HIGHEST quality products that I can find.

I want your images to be proudly and BEAUTIFULLY displayed. I also want that display to last a LONG time. I don't settle on products that are going to just fall a part in a month. BUT guess what?? If, for any reason, something happens to your album or box, I will replace it at NO COST to you. 

A session with me is guaranteed to make you feel more confident and beautiful than ever before!

I have yet to have ANY of my clients dislike their gorgeous images. I have, however, made several very emotional and even CRY because of how much they LOVED their images. I've been told by several that they could NOT believe that the person in their images were actually them and that they have never seen themselves as beautiful until the very moment they saw their images. A boudoir session with me isn't JUST a session. It can be a life-changing experience. It can be therapeutic after years of hating the way you look and hating the body you are in. You don't have to lose weight to do a boudoir session. Stop telling yourself that you have to lose weight to be beautiful enough to be photographed. It's never a bad idea to lose weight because you want to be healthier, but to want to lose weight to be beautiful is a silly concept. You are ALREADY beautiful. I struggle with my own body image, so I get it! I understand how hard it is to look in the mirror and think "Wow! I look amazing!" when you feel like you aren't good enough or when you struggle with your confidence and body image.

HOWEVER, that is why I am in looove with boudoir. It gives you a totally different perspective of yourself. It allows you to see yourself in a way you never thought was possible! 

I have seen SO many of my clients walk out of my studio with a totally different attitude and perspective than when they walked in! It is beautiful and it is amazing what boudoir with the RIGHT photographer can do for a woman!

-Cheyanne Marie <3

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me as Your Boudoir Photographer - Mobile, Alabama Boudoir Photographer

1. Custom Session

Your boudoir session is completely custom. I listen to your wants and needs for your session. I will help you pick out outfits if you are struggling. I will even go shopping with you, if you need me to! Your outfits can range from big t-shirts/sweaters to implied nudity. I feel that a boudoir session is all about what makes YOU feel sexy, but I ALWAYS recommend stepping out of your comfort zone. Your hair and makeup is decided by you but my hair and makeup artist, Kasey, will help you decide on a look if you are clueless about how you want to look for your session. She is amazing and always does a perfect job! My clients look flawless for every session. Privacy is also of HIGH importance to me. I always request that you sign a model release, whether it is a full model release (all images can be shared) or a half model release (only anonymous images can be shared), BUT you are absolutely NOT required to unless you specifically applied for a "Boudie Call" which requires a model release (even then, you can opt out by paying the $250 creation fee).


2. Posing

Some clients are concerned about the fact that they have no idea how to pose themselves. Not a problem! I pose every inch of you, all the way from your head to your toes. I will help you throughout your session. I know how to pose for all body types and have shot many different body types (I never fail to impress my clients with their final images), so there is no need to use your weight as an excuse for not booking a session. You are gorgeous the way you are in this very moment. 


3. Emotional and Fun Experience

Your session can be a rollercoaster of emotions from the very beginning. You may walk in nervous or scared and may even consider canceling altogether, but I promise you won't regret it the second you sit in the makeup chair. We are a laid back and fun team. We joke and laugh and have tons of fun before your session is even started! Most of my clients have never even had professional hair and makeup before, so even just that can be an exciting experience in itself! Once that is done, you will change into your first outfit and we will begin shooting. I am extremely patient, so laugh and joke all you want (those can be amazing images). My clients always get comfortable and more confident after the first outfit! There is NO such thing as "not photogenic", so get that out of your head. I promise you will rock your session! After your session, I edit and you can go eat or relax on the couch in my studio. Once editing is over, my FAVORITE part happens, the Viewing. This is where you will see your images in a slideshow for the first time and it is almost always emotional! I have had many clients in tears or outright crying from happiness during their Viewing. 

For some, this is a once in a lifetime experience and the first time they have ever seen themselves as the beautiful women that they are. It's hard not to cry with them. Some even come in and do more sessions. You can never have too many boudoir sessions, especially if it helps you and makes you feel amazing about yourself. I struggle with body image myself, so I see the benefit in it with EVERY session I do for others. I see the change in their eyes when they finish viewing their images and it is AMAZING. 


4. Passionate

I am 100% passionate about boudoir and I specialize in it.  I even opened a studio in Semmes, Alabama solely focused on boudoir. I don't view it as just a gift for your significant other. It can be, but it is MORE than that to me and you will see what I mean once you do your own session. It can be a life-changing experience and it's definitely meant for you more than anyone else. Your session is about YOU. Boudoir can be healing for some women and I strive to give everyone that same experience.


5. High-Quality Custom Products

I offer only the BEST quality products for your gorgeous images. They can be displayed in an heirloom wooden or glass photo box, a gorgeous leather album of varying sizes, or beautiful metal prints! I also offer two different collections. My Platinum Collection (top collection) includes to EXCLUSIVE products: A Retro Viewfinder (like the one you probably had as a child) and a sexy boudoir video (those are fun!).


6. Payment Plans and Pre-Payment Plans

A boudoir session with me is not cheap and I totally get that, but I offer payment plans and pre-payment plans (Boudie Bank Account) to make it more affordable for everyone. You aren't just paying for images, you are paying for a completely custom EXPERIENCE. My clients have never regretted their experience with me and you can read some of their testimonials here: http://www.cheyannemarieboudoir.com/testimonials/ 

mobilealabamaboudoirphotography-miss c