Miss H's Boudoir Session - Mobile, Alabama Boudoir Photographer

I have asked this wonderful past client of mine to answer a few questions about her experience with Cheyanne Marie Boudoir. Read her answers below!

1. How old are you? 24

2. What do you do for a living? I am an apartment manager

3. What made you decide to take a leap of faith and do a boudoir session with Cheyanne Marie Boudoir? Me, myself, and I. But in all honesty, your fb posts were pretty convincing! 

4. Did you have any obstacles or fears about boudoir? Oh yes, extremely nervous. I have had two kids, a lot of damage and a lot of neglect on my part has been done. 

5. Was the session different from what you expected it to be? Yes it was. I was nervous, and y'all made it very easy for me to be in my own skin. 

6. What was your favorite part about the entire experience? In that moment, it kinda feels like nothing else matters, in that moment the outside world is closed off and it's kinda all about you for a minute. May sound selfish but that was my favorite moment. 

7. How did you feel when you saw your photographs? I was overwhelmed, it has been a long time since I seen my body like that. That was all Cheyanne though, because at the end of the day in that moment nothing had changed with my body. My stretch marks didn't disappear, my boobs didn't perk up and weight didn't go down. She's makes you feel great about yourself. She makes your flaws be flawless.

8. Any advice for women interested in their own boudoir session? DO IT NOW. Be brave and be bold. Buy that outfit and take your top off. Just do it, I promise it's worth while. 

9. Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty as a result of the session? A lot did, instead of shaming myself I gave into myself. This is my body and I have done some very extraordinary things with it. I have pierced it, inked it, carried two children for 9 months, birthed two children from it and that session and seeing myself made me feel worth while. 

10. How did you like working with Cheyanne Marie and her team? Cheyanne and them are the bomb seriously. Very personable, they want to get to know you and they let you get to know them. It was a fun time and I'd do it over and over again.