6 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me as Your Boudoir Photographer - Mobile, Alabama Boudoir Photographer

1. Custom Session

Your boudoir session is completely custom. I listen to your wants and needs for your session. I will help you pick out outfits if you are struggling. I will even go shopping with you, if you need me to! Your outfits can range from big t-shirts/sweaters to implied nudity. I feel that a boudoir session is all about what makes YOU feel sexy, but I ALWAYS recommend stepping out of your comfort zone. Your hair and makeup is decided by you but my hair and makeup artist, Kasey, will help you decide on a look if you are clueless about how you want to look for your session. She is amazing and always does a perfect job! My clients look flawless for every session. Privacy is also of HIGH importance to me. I always request that you sign a model release, whether it is a full model release (all images can be shared) or a half model release (only anonymous images can be shared), BUT you are absolutely NOT required to unless you specifically applied for a "Boudie Call" which requires a model release (even then, you can opt out by paying the $250 creation fee).


2. Posing

Some clients are concerned about the fact that they have no idea how to pose themselves. Not a problem! I pose every inch of you, all the way from your head to your toes. I will help you throughout your session. I know how to pose for all body types and have shot many different body types (I never fail to impress my clients with their final images), so there is no need to use your weight as an excuse for not booking a session. You are gorgeous the way you are in this very moment. 


3. Emotional and Fun Experience

Your session can be a rollercoaster of emotions from the very beginning. You may walk in nervous or scared and may even consider canceling altogether, but I promise you won't regret it the second you sit in the makeup chair. We are a laid back and fun team. We joke and laugh and have tons of fun before your session is even started! Most of my clients have never even had professional hair and makeup before, so even just that can be an exciting experience in itself! Once that is done, you will change into your first outfit and we will begin shooting. I am extremely patient, so laugh and joke all you want (those can be amazing images). My clients always get comfortable and more confident after the first outfit! There is NO such thing as "not photogenic", so get that out of your head. I promise you will rock your session! After your session, I edit and you can go eat or relax on the couch in my studio. Once editing is over, my FAVORITE part happens, the Viewing. This is where you will see your images in a slideshow for the first time and it is almost always emotional! I have had many clients in tears or outright crying from happiness during their Viewing. 

For some, this is a once in a lifetime experience and the first time they have ever seen themselves as the beautiful women that they are. It's hard not to cry with them. Some even come in and do more sessions. You can never have too many boudoir sessions, especially if it helps you and makes you feel amazing about yourself. I struggle with body image myself, so I see the benefit in it with EVERY session I do for others. I see the change in their eyes when they finish viewing their images and it is AMAZING. 


4. Passionate

I am 100% passionate about boudoir and I specialize in it.  I even opened a studio in Semmes, Alabama solely focused on boudoir. I don't view it as just a gift for your significant other. It can be, but it is MORE than that to me and you will see what I mean once you do your own session. It can be a life-changing experience and it's definitely meant for you more than anyone else. Your session is about YOU. Boudoir can be healing for some women and I strive to give everyone that same experience.


5. High-Quality Custom Products

I offer only the BEST quality products for your gorgeous images. They can be displayed in an heirloom wooden or glass photo box, a gorgeous leather album of varying sizes, or beautiful metal prints! I also offer two different collections. My Platinum Collection (top collection) includes to EXCLUSIVE products: A Retro Viewfinder (like the one you probably had as a child) and a sexy boudoir video (those are fun!).


6. Payment Plans and Pre-Payment Plans

A boudoir session with me is not cheap and I totally get that, but I offer payment plans and pre-payment plans (Boudie Bank Account) to make it more affordable for everyone. You aren't just paying for images, you are paying for a completely custom EXPERIENCE. My clients have never regretted their experience with me and you can read some of their testimonials here: http://www.cheyannemarieboudoir.com/testimonials/ 

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