Miss L's Boudoir Session - Mobile, Alabama Boudoir Photographer

"Cheyanne and her whole team are amazing.

They make you feel comfortable right off the bat. Like it's no big deal to look sexy in front of a camera. It was a big deal to me.

Over the years of gaining weight from 2 babies I had lost my self-confidence. I would workout for a little while and find some but it never lasted.

A few years back I had been doing really well and was at a good place physically. Then pain struck and within 2 weeks I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was chair bound for 6 months. I lost so much weight. All the muscles I worked so hard to get, were gone. Atrophied. After getting my meds right I went into remission. Thank God!

I was able to work out again. But I also ate too much and gained a lot. Having my shoot got my confidence back on track. I was shocked when I viewed my pictures. It didn't even look like me.

Cheyanne is so talented and will not ever pose you in any pose that's less than flattering. I cannot wait to do another shoot and add to my collection. I had a blast!"

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