Creative Session - Mobile, Alabama Boudoir Photography

We started out the day waiting on a client who didn't show up so we decided to play instead!

With this session, I edited everything way differently than I normally would and each edit is pretty different from the next! I also experimented with poses and shooting through things!

It's fun to shoot with no rules or limitations every once in a while. 

Which image is your favorite from this set??

DSC_0490 copy.jpg
DSC_0497 copy.jpg
DSC_0508 copy.jpg
DSC_0548 copy.jpg
DSC_0602 copy.jpg
DSC_0614 copy.jpg
DSC_0640 copy.jpg
DSC_0672 copy.jpg
DSC_0678 copy.jpg
DSC_0695 copy.jpg
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DSC_0724 copy.jpg