Why I Shoot Boudoir - Mobile, Alabama Boudoir Photographer

It’s time for me to be vulnerable

There are many reasons I shoot boudoir.

Let me start from the beginning…

I have ALWAYS loved photography. Even as a child, I would constantly take photos of everything with my little “point-and-shoot” camera. I then got my very first DSLR on my 15th birthday and fell in love more.

As much as I loved it, I didn’t believe I could make a career out of it.

I was in college as a pre-med student with intentions on pursuing a surgical career. That had always been my goal. However, this all changed when I had my daughter. I quickly realized that it wasn’t the life for me. I dropped out 2 weeks into my junior year of college and decided to pursue my passion of photography.

I started out shooting EVERYTHING and I learned that I did NOT enjoy shooting everything.

This is when I discovered boudoir. I was a bit hesitant to try it out because I have always been a very modest person, so it frightened me a little due to how vulnerable this genre is. Sexuality has always been a tough topic for me and I’m not entirely sure why.

But the best things happen when you step out of your comfort zone. Once I did a few sessions, it just clicked with me. I fell in LOVE with boudoir.

Boudoir is LIFE-CHANGING for women. Seeing the changes in a woman after a session is the BEST feeling.

Every woman that comes to my studio has some sort of insecurity.

They walk in feeling like they aren’t beautiful enough for photos like this. They feel like their images can’t POSSIBLY compare to the other women in my portfolio.

Then once they view their images, those negative things go away. They are finally able to see themselves as beautiful and worthy.

Don’t get me wrong, boudoir is NOT a cure-all, BUT it is a step in the direction to self-love and acceptance.

It shows women that they are BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT despite their age, size, stretch marks, scars, cellulite, disability, etc.

I, myself, have struggled HARD with self-love.

Some things are so deeply ingrained that it can be difficult to change those negative thoughts. I was bullied as a child and some things just stick with you. Boudoir helps to dispel your negative self-talk because you are able to see yourself in a whole new way.

Self-love doesn’t happen overnight. It is a journey and sometimes is a long one. Our bodies change constantly. We gain weight, we lose weight, we age, we have surgeries, we get injuries, we have children, etc.

Boudoir isn’t just sexy photos for you significant other.

It is much, much more than that. It’s great if you want it to be a gift, but it is ALWAYS about the woman first. Boudoir is about being empowered, about embracing your sexuality, and about loving yourself the way that you are.

I shoot boudoir because it gives my life meaning.

Being able to help a woman on her journey to self-love is the BEST feeling in the world. If I can make a woman more confident in her body and herself then I feel that I am making a difference. It may be small in the grand scheme of things, but being able to make a positive impact on someone’s life no matter how small is meaningful.

We are given one body. Take care of it and love yourself.

This is me.

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Images by: Elizabeth Urban Boudoir