Most FAQs - Mobile, Alabama Boudoir Photographer


  1. Q: Can I bring props (or items special to me) to use in the shoot?

    A: Yes! Absolutely. This session is about YOU. However, I do prefer to keep props minimal. Special items of clothing would be a better option! If there is something you absolutely want in your images, I would never refuse that.

  2. Q: Do you shoot couples?

    A: Yes! I shoot couples, but I do have my limits. Men are required to stay in boxers throughout the session, but women are allowed to go nude. I shoot a mix of simple, loving images as well as IMPLIED sexual acts. It depends on your comfort level, but I do tend to encourage stepping out of your comfort zone during every session. I do NOT, however, shoot ACTUAL sexual acts. While it may LOOK sexual in nature, it truly is not.

  3. Q: Do you supply outfits or do I?

    A: I do have a client lingerie closet at my studio, but I always recommend bringing 2-3 outfits of your own anyway. This insures that you have outfits that you love and that fit you as well as bringing your own personality into your session. I prefer using my outfits as backup!

  4. Q: Do you photograph all sizes, ages, and ethnicities?

    A: Absolutely! ALL women deserve to feel beautiful!

  5. Q: Are you LGBT friendly?

    A: Again, absolutely! If you identify as female, let’s shoot together! If you want to do a couples session with your girlfriend, I’m all for it.

  6. Q: Do I HAVE to go nude during my session?

    A: No, I would never require anyone to do anything they are uncomfortable with. Will I encourage you to do it? YES. Pretty much everyone loves the nudes the most.

  7. Q: What are your prices?

    A: You can view detailed pricing HERE.

  8. Q: Do my photos have to be shared online?

    A: No! You are never required to sign a model release. BUT if you do, you receive a $100 credit towards your product order.

  9. Q: Where can I find lingerie?

    A: You can find lingerie in a ton of places if you look for it! But here are list of recommendations for you:


    Locally (in Mobile, AL):

    -The Gift Spot

    -NT Lingerie

    -Victoria’s Secret


    -Lane Bryant


    -Burkes’ Outlet


  10. Q: How many outfit changes do I get?

    A: For an individual session, you get 3. For couples, 2-3 outfits.

  11. Q: Is it required to have my hair and makeup done by your professional makeup artist?

    A: Yes! Hair and makeup by one of my makeup artists is required for every session. I know and trust them both to do a fantastic job and it makes my life easier when editing images!

  12. Q: Do I get to choose between you and your associate photographer, Alma?

    A: Yes. If it is super important to you that you shoot with me specifically, you can request that. HOWEVER, Alma is trained to shoot and edit like me and I would NOT have hired someone that is incapable of doing an amazing job! Everyone that has shot with her has loved the outcome of their images just as much. Do not be afraid to shoot with her! I promise you will have just as much fun.

  13. Q: How much retouching do you do?

    A: On the day of your session, I do basic edits (my color toning). After you select the images that you want to purchase, I do skin retouching on them. That means full skin smoothing, removal of acne, bruises, scratches, etc. I personally prefer not to remove stretch marks or scars, but I will do so by request if you are extremely uncomfortable with them.