Preparing for your Session - Mobile, Alabama Boudoir Photographer

There actually isn’t very much you need to do to prepare for your session, but let’s talk about the things that you should do!

  1. Gather your outfits!

This is something I can definitely help with, if needed. You can purchase the personal shopper add-on and save a ton of time OR you can always message me for advice and send me photos of the outfits you’ve chosen to get my opinion. You only need two outfits if you plan to go nude at the end, but three if you are unsure about going nude. My biggest recommendation is to go with different styles for each outfit. Casual (tank top and undies with long socks), a bodysuit, bra and panty sets are the most recommended styles. I prefer that you stay away from baby doll style outfits, but I understand that some women really like that style so I won’t refuse to shoot it. They just really aren’t my preference!

2. Get your fingernails and toenails done!

I do a lot of detail shots, so even if it’s just a little paint, it goes a long way when it comes to all the small details in your images. A lot of women don’t think about this, but I do highly recommend it!

DSC_9785 copy.jpg

3. If you do not usually spray tan, DO NOT DO IT before your session.

Spray tans are not my favorite thing to photograph to be completely honest. They tend to look very orange and can be very difficult to edit. I much prefer the look of your natural skin in images. If you are used to getting spray tans and prefer the way you look with them then go ahead and do it. However, if spray tanning is not part of your normal routine, you will not like the way your images turn out and I ask that you stay far away!

4. Plan for a long day on the day of your session!

From start to finish, your experience is about a 5.5 hour day. This includes hair and makeup, the session, same day basic edits (skin retouching done on purchased images only), and your same day Viewing and Ordering. It’s best to not make any extra plans the day of your session so that it isn’t rushed!

Things to expect on the day of your session:

Once you arrive to the studio, you will meet me (or my associate photographer, Alma) and my amazing makeup artist Georgette! If I am your photographer for the day, you will most likely also meet my sister-in-law/editor/assistant/social media manager, Ariel. Haha. After meeting all of us, you will sit down and Georgette will get started on your hair and makeup. She will generally ask you colors of your outfits and what kind of makeup look you would prefer (dramatic, natural, or somewhere in-between).

Once that is done, we will go through your outfits to see what looks best and decide which order we want to shoot them it. I also have a client lingerie closet with some options for you as well.

The general flow of a session is that we start off with the least revealing outfit and work our way down with most women going nude for the final outfit change (highly encouraged, but not required)!

After that, you can hang out with us or go get food while we edit (this takes about 1.5 hours).

Once the editing is done, we will view your images in a slideshow and then we will go through and rate them. This helps us get a better idea as to what products/Collection would be the best fit for you!

That’s about it! Nothing too crazy to worry about prior to your session! The most important thing is showing up. If you can do that, you will rock your session no matter what!

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