General Investment Information

Info on pricing and payment plan options:

An initial retainer of $250 is collected to book your session

Most clients invest between $1500-$3300 for their custom boudoir session with Cheyanne Marie Boudoir. My Collections start at $1500. You also have the option of purchasing individual products which start at $625 for Metal Wall Art. My two most popular products are Heirloom Boxes and gorgeous Leather Albums which both begin at around $1300. 


1. Pay in full the day of your session/Viewing and Ordering

2. A Payment Plan through Cheyanne Marie Boudoir. This payment plan is interest-free, but products are not delivered until paid in full. You will need to pay a minimum deposit of $100 on the day of your session to begin the payment plan. You have up to 6 months on orders $1500 and under and up to 12 months on orders over $1500.

3. PayPal Credit (Most Popular Option). This Payment Plan is through PayPal and is interest-free up to 6 months. It is kind of like a credit card. I get paid in full with this option and you pay your products off through PayPal, which means you will receive your products in no more than 4 weeks after the day of your session. Apply here to see if you are approved:

4. Boudie Bank Account (pre-payment plan):

**Your quickest options are to pay in full or pay via PayPal credit. With those two options, you will receive your products in 4 weeks or less from the date of your session!**



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I understand that by agreeing to these terms, I am agreeing that everything that I have entered on this page is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that I must pay a booking fee of $250 to save my spot and this fee is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation or if I choose not to purchase products. I agree to show up at my agreed upon time and to attend a SAME DAY Viewing and Ordering Session once images are ready for viewing.